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Healthy food: expectation vs reality

We all have some expectations about food when we try out new items, but the reality comes out to be very different. When we plan out diet meal we expect the changes will happen after few days. But after some days we see nothing has changed. Here I will list out some of the expectations vs reality in food.

Expectation: Healthy food will increase the price of the grocery bill.

Reality: Healthy food does not require a lot of money as it is thought so.

Expectation Healthy food should always be overcooked

Reality: Healthy food can be very quick and easy to eat without even cooking

Expectation: Healthy food means no more tasty food

Reality: Healthy food is light and tasty without feeling guilty

Expectation: Healthy food means no more eating outside food

Reality: Healthy food is easily found in restaurants

Expectation: Healthy food does not fulfil stomach

Reality: Healthy food is light but it does fill the stomach up to the mark.

Expectation: Healthy food cannot be prepared on daily basis.

Reality: Healthy food are quickly prepared if you have all the ingredients.

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When we prepare a chart for a healthy diet meal, it sometimes happens that we miss out on that plan. If we expect something that should change then we should do regular practice or follow that pattern to achieve it. It is quite difficult when we do but as soon as we are about to achieve it, the feeling is so good. Expectation can be turned out to be a reality if we do hard work and work on it throughout until and unless it is achieved. There are lots of reality and expectation people face but one can easily get to know what is true if the person works on it. Healthy food is very beneficial for health so do keep your routine full of healthy items and do exercise so that you keep yourself healthy and fit.

Not eating for a day is a type of fasting. After that you can resume your normal food. It is good to fast for two days a week for desired result. Fasting gives positive effects on metabolism, cardiovascular health, and more. It is easy to cut down fat but it can cause severe impacts on some people’s bodies. Always talk to a doctor before doing a fast as he will tell you whether it is appropriate to take fast in the particular body type.  

  1. Buy only that amount of groceries item that is required. Excess buying will lead to an increase in food prices, storage of items, and unequal distribution of food. Large stock of food items might go into waste products if kept for long durations.  To avoid food waste try not to overload your bucket list.
  1. Try to use fresh ingredients first like fresh vegetables, fruits, and dairy products as they have a very short life period. Freezing fruits and veggies for a long-duration have similar nutrients to fresh foods.
  1. Spending a long time at home gives the opportunity to cook meals. In regular routine, working people do not have the time to cook food for themselves or try out any new recipes. The quarantine period makes it possible to try out different recipes. Try out making healthy and delicious food that is offered online. Freshly prepared home meals are the only healthy option to stay fit and active throughout the day. Junk food contains lots of oil and species that are not good for health.
  1. Some of the restaurants have come up with the option of contactless home delivery where there will be no contact with the person and the delivery boy. You can stay quarantine and self-isolated within yourself.

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Side effects on restricted eating:-

  • faintness
  • dizziness
  • blood pressure drop
  • slowing heart rate
  • hypotension
  • weakness
  • dehydration
  • thyroid malfunction
  • abdominal pain
  • low potassium
  • body temperature fluctuation
  • post-traumatic stress or depression
  • heart attack
  • organ failure

Foodservice people are facing the biggest challenges to understand and know people’s behaviour towards food consumption. Serving food to people has changed and knowing which food should be cooked so that people get attached to that place to visit even more. Many have installed CCTV cameras that will take pictures of customers and know at what distance are they maintain. As the customers will get used to this normal tech behaviour, they will soon be approaching them as they did previously. 

Using the QR code to order or giving feedback through a contactless system is a good method to operate and more effective. But fewer people would be knowing these technical things as know also people are taking time to get used to it. Self-pickup option has become less these days as a delivery option have come more into people’s mind and moving out of the house is not normal in Covid scenario. Automation is saving costs. Artificial intelligence has provided with so many technical things that it becomes easier for people to operate anything and it saves time. It can also track safety measures in restaurants.   

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Before advising someone about food habits, one should go through every detail of that food to know whether it is right or not. There are many people who advise many things about healthy food habits but it is not possible to hear and focus on that particular thing. So it is better to advice people only on those things that one has done and has benefitted. Everyone has different body metabolism so it might happen one food suit one person and not the other. It is always advised to consult a doctor if you have any doubt.

Nutrition, wellness, and fitness are the major areas where a lot of people go through all these things in everyday life. We hear different opinions about a particular food from different people. So, it is important to know that intake of anything less is always good for health and proper hygiene should be maintained for a healthy lifestyle.  

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