Top 10 Great Passover Activities for Young Children

Passover is a time when all Jews tell the story of Exodus from Egypt. Another name of Passover is Pesach and every member in Jews family celebrates the Passover with full enthusiasm. This is a festival of remembrance. This festival may be a little boring for kids and young children. But, by bringing some twists in the traditional way of celebrating Passover, you can make these holidays quite exciting and entertaining for your kids. 

You should consider adding new activities during the Passover celebration to make it entertaining for kids. You should look out for different ways to enhance the stories, symbolism, and signs that can make unforgettable memories. The entertaining way of telling the story will keep everyone engaged during the Seder. Here, in this blog post, we are going to describe different ways to make Passover quite entertaining for kids. 

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1. New Haggadah for Non-Readers 

Haggadah is a text-based guide that describes the traditions of Passover in detail. Your little one will not be able to read this book. Therefore, you should create a baby-friendly version of this book. You can create a book full of pictures that are bound together with a ribbon. You should bind this ribbon on the right because Hebrew books are read from the right side to the left side. You should use the pictures in this book in such a way that they describe the story. You should also consider adding Hebrew phrases in this cute Haggadah book. 

2. Four Question Scramble 

During the Passover Seder, there are four envelopes with Four questions. These Questions are discussed during the time of Seder. But, these Four Questions are described in different papers. All these are mixed up and placed inside the envelope. If you want to make this section of Seder quite interesting, you should challenge kids present during the Seder to arrange these Four Questions in the proper sequence. You can make two teams and offer attractive prizes to winners.

If you want to make this Passover questions section quite interesting, you can purchase a box of questions. This box of questions will be full of fun. The open-ended Passover Question will ignite a spark during Seder time.  

3. Seder Table Decoration

You can decorate the Seder table by creating a special centerpiece. You can use the cardboard tubes, small props, and fabric to create an amazing and beautiful centerpiece item. This creative centerpiece will show the ancient Jews leaving Egypt along with matzah. You can design their clothes by using scrap fabric. You should include young kids in this creative work, they will definitely enjoy it. In this creative centerpiece, you can display baby Moses being taken out of the river by the daughter of Monarch Pharaoh.

You can also think of other creative ways to decorate the Seder table such as a flowering branch or artificial flower in a beautiful vase. Hang paper ornaments on the branches to decorate the Seder table. Also, you can use lighting candles. Make sure that you involve your kids in this creative work. 

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4. Matzah House 

Generally, Matzah is available in packages with so many pieces. Therefore, you should use the remainder section for creating a stylish and beautiful Matzah house. You can use the hazelnut spread to design the roofs of this house. Use red licorice to mark the Passover door of this matzah house. You should include your kids in this activity. They will love to create this matzah house. Also, you can use the triangles to depict the Pyramids of Egypt.

5. Passover Travel  

Passover celebration takes place around the whole globe. All Jews families celebrate Passover to commemorate the freedom of ancient Israelites. Thus, you can plan to celebrate Passover programs at any beautiful place. You can take your whole family along with you. The Passover programs operators offer to customize Passover plans for families with young children. 

6. Seder Placemats 

You can involve kids in Seder meals by using customized placemats. These placemats have printable versions of the Seder plate and the Exodus story in pictorial form. You can use these placemats to create excitement among kids who are going to participate in Seder. These placemats are easily available in the market. The Seder placemats are not just easily accessible, but they are budget-friendly as well. 

7. Passover Detectives 

You should leverage the opportunity of engaging your little one by asking them to act as detectives. You should give them paper and pencil so that they can write their own questions related to the Passover meal. Also, make another list for your kids to get answers. You should handover the second list to your kids and ask them to find the answer. 

You should write their findings in a separate register. Family members will read their findings at the end of the Seder. There is another option to make your kids behave like detectives. You should deliberately change the parts of the story and see who is fast enough to spot the errors. Another trick to make your kids detective during the time of Seder is to ask them for searching Afikomen. Afikomen is the name given to the half-piece of matzo. 

8. Personalized Bag of Afikomen 

You should grab one large size mailing envelope or one old handkerchief to personalize the bag of Afikomen. The Afikomen is the broken part of the matzo that is searched by kids after a meal. You should decorate the outer section of the envelope with the help of ribbons and buttons. When your kids will find the bag of Afikomen, they will feel special. If you are using a handkerchief in place of the envelope, you should consider using fabric paints for decorating the handkerchief. 

9. Seder Grab-bag Game 

You should encourage your kids to gather various small items around the house. Anything will work, but you should tell them to gather only small size objects. You should bring this bag during the time of Seder. You should ask them to pass this bag around the table during the time of the meal. Guests will take out one item from the bag. They are not allowed to look inside this bag. After that, they have to relate that item with the Passover story. It will be quite an interesting game. 

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10. Create Edible Plague Basket 

To play this game during mealtime, you need to collect a few items before the Seder time. You should get one basket or bucket from the nearby store. After that, fill this basket with treats that are symbolizing ten plagues sent by God in Egypt. God sent these plagues to coerce Pharaoh because he was not allowing ancient Israelites to` have their freedom. You can purchase various items that can symbolize these ten plagues such as strawberry applesauce can symbolize rivers turned to blood, yogurt-covered raisins for gnats (lice), red candies for boils, chocolate pudding can indicate darkness, and so on. 

Final Words

You can make the Passover celebration exciting and full of fun. You just need to add new activities to your Passover celebration. By adding fun activities during the time of Seder, your kids will actively participate in Seder meals. If you want to generate excitement among your young children for Passover, you should implement the above-mentioned techniques. 

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