How to Grow Your Email List With Landing Pages (1)

How to Grow Your Email List With Landing Pages


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Much has changed in the world of business in the last few decades, and one of the most significant changes in how they market to average consumers. This is critical because marketing is usually at the heart of almost every business that relies on the public and even those that have specialized consumer markets.

Business Marketing Today

Print media, radio, and television still garner a wide audience of potential consumers. These can be potent tools for local businesses. However, there has been a substantial increase in consumers who use search engines and social media to tap into information on where to find the best consumer goods and services. These can include searches for local consumers as well as statewide, regional, national, and international markets.

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The Internet Marketing Boom

Because of all the changes in consumer buying habits, most businesses have realized the need to step up to meet the challenges of the new millennium world. For many businesses, the world of marketing has become increasingly diverse and often requires a bit of savvy to master online targeting to the right consumer markets. Establishing a comprehensive online presence is essential to online business growth and can be vital to building an expanding presence in local markets.

Internet marketing should include more than the creation of a high-quality website. It should also include the creation of a social media presence, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and internet sales campaigns. Tapping the internet consumer is not just a temporary marketing trend. Online sales have become the fastest-growing consumer marketplace in the world and have opened up many businesses to a much broader market of consumers that they previously had little access to.

Landing Page Lead Creations

One of the best ways to generate leads is through the creation of landing page ads. These are ads that often pop up in search engine results for a particular product or service. When the consumer clicks on the landing page ad, they are usually greeted with a pop-up notice. These notices ask if they would like to get a coupon for a purchase or get regular updates on sales, promotions, or important information. If they are interested, the consumer enters their email address to access their exclusive benefits and opportunities.

Transactional Landing Pages

Landing pages can establish a continual source of email leads and lead conversions. The landing pages designed to be “transactional” are those pages that have a pop-up ad for consumers to enter in their email addresses so they can get exclusive deals and discounts. This can include sending this base of leads special coupons and discounts not offered to the general public. It can also allow them to be the first to know of any special sales as well as regular sales and flyers.

Transactional landing pages usually create lead conversions through special discounts and promotions. Email pop-ups from landing pages can generate a sizable list of potential consumers with an email drip campaign that creates a steady flow of potential new consumers. They can readily convert into a consistent consumer base by sending out weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly promotional emails, which often converts to new sales and an increased customer base.

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Landing pages that pop up asking for email addresses in exchange for exclusive offers can feature animation, vibrant images, or animations to encourage potential consumer action and sign up. Most pop-eps will request just the consumer’s name and email address. For high-value offers, the forms can request further information such as zip code and address. All landing pages and pop-ups should offer clear instructions and bold headlines.

Lead Conversion Landing Pages

A lead “conversion” occurs when a consumer offers their email address and makes a purchase. This may happen the day they sign up if they get an immediate special discount for providing their email to become an exclusive member shopper. Businesses that offer immediate discounts in exchange for an email address and name information find a much higher rate of “conversion” than traditional landing pages. Well-designed and implemented landing pages offer businesses fantastic internet marketing opportunities that can substantially increase a business’s reach and consumer base. Building a strong internet presence is an essential tool. When coupled with the help of marketing professionals who know how to create powerful landing pages, businesses of all sizes can realize substantial sales boosts and enhanced market reach.

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