How To Make Your Home More Homely

How To Make Your Home More Homely

If you have recently bought your own home, you are probably looking for ways to make your house feel like home. Moreover, everybody has different ways of making their house/ flat feel more homely. 

It is where your personal touch can come into play. We are sure that many people have a similar taste in interior design as you although they won’t have your personal touch. 

If you wish to make your house homier, you will need to prepare to spend. Make some cheap purchases so you can spend more on furniture that will have a bigger impact on your home. 

If you are unsure where to start, we have got you covered. Many things can be upgraded in your home to give it that homey feeling. 

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Don’t Neglect Your Walls

A common mistake people make with their homes is they neglect the walls of their homes. It is a rookie mistake and if you ever feel like your home feels bare, it is probably because your walls lack decoration. 

Many things can go on your wall. The go-to item would be several paintings on your wall although it is plain. Moreover, there are a few other things to add to a wall.

Shelving is something else you can add to your wall for something a little different to a painting or a picture. You can have photos of your family or plant pots to add more colour. 

Maybe create a theme for a wall such as an art deco theme. We suggest buying an art deco clock with art deco-style paintings or a mirror on either side of the clock. 

Rugs and Mats

Rugs and mats are another great way to make your home feel more homely. Plus, they can make your flooring feel warmer. Carpets and wooden flooring are bland. A colourful rug can go a long way. Furthermore, they can be affordable. There are expensive rugs which you can buy but that just depends on your taste and how you want it to look.    

Lighting Other Than The Big Light

Lighting is something that annoys everybody, especially if it is too bright. Moreover, it can be difficult finding a light bulb that is not too bright. You may think that dimmer lights are the solution to this problem but even they feel like too much. 

Lamps are a great solution for this. They can either be wall lamps or corner lamps. Furthermore, they add a little more light into the room when the sun has set. Another positive is they never seem too bright and make it feel warmer. 

Again, lamps do not need to be expensive, depending on your taste. Wall lamps are usually more pricey and are more difficult to install in a flat if you do not own the property. Nonetheless, if you live in a flat you rent, we suggest buying a lamp for it instead. Fairy lights are another great addition to the room if you wish to add extra light to your room. 

Use Throws For Your Rooms

Throws are another great addition to your home and again, are not expensive. They can look great at the end of your bed or sofa. Not to mention that it makes a great seat for any pets you own. Furthermore, they are a great addition to a leather sofa as these can be cold in the winter. 

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Windows are something else that many people neglect however, they are easy to upgrade. Blinds or curtains make a great addition and there are a few ways you can design them.

A common interior design trend at the moment is the combination of both window blinds and curtains. Window blinds would control the lighting and curtains would be for a better visual appearance. Furthermore, curtains can be a great addition to add more colour to your room. If your wall is quite bland colours, look to add colour with curtains. 

There are many window blinds in London which can make a great addition to your room. A variety of different styles have their benefits. Before committing to a specific type of both blinds and curtains, you should always ask an expert as they will know best. 

For large windows, there are other things you will need to consider. The fabric of the curtain you choose matters. Additionally, you need to consider the view when designing your window

Wall Colours

The colour palette of your home has the biggest impact on your home. Furthermore, you need to ensure something matches in each room. Maybe the colours of your furniture can match with a similar style or the wall paint can also be similar. We don’t mean that the colours need to be identical either. For example, if you have pastel colours in one room, aim for pastel colours in another room. Neutral tones in your living room and other areas in your home make the room feel bigger than it is. 


As you can see, there are many things which you can add to your home to give it that extra homely feeling. Additionally, there are many things which are affordable as well. You don’t need to have a big budget if you wish to make your home feel homely. 

Paintings will be your most expensive addition to your room, along with a mirror. However, the alternative with shelving will be much more affordable. However, this depends on what you are allowed to change in your home if you do not own it.

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