Fastest and Easiest way to Improve your IB Physics

The fastest and easiest way to improve your IB Physics

Physics, in general, is interesting, but IB Physics is another challenge. Some students easily understand the concepts of physics some have difficulty understanding the same. There are many topics in physics, and everyone has their own favorites and not so favorite’s topics. 

If you are an IB Physics HL or SL student, then your aim should be to get good marks and go for the flag that is score a 7. 

Here are some recommendations for you to improve this subject and be a topper. 

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Be an Early Bird

The easiest way to excel in this subject is to study every day and don’t leave your preparation for the exams to the last minute. This will help you understand the subject at your own pace, and you will have ample time to dig deep. 

This can be challenging for some students as they have developed a bad procrastination habit. It would be best if you remembered that you are in high school now, and you really need to push yourself to get higher grades. Your results will help you get into a good university. This will decide your future career and life.

Planning is Key

You need to make sure that you plan activities around your study time. So it means you need to have a timetable set up done. Plan your timetable in such a way that you are daily taking some time out to study this subject. The time allotted will depend on the topic and what you need to accomplish. 

Don’t keep things in your head, make sure you use planning tools to do a timetable. You can write in your diary or use an online resource to check your timetable. Whatever medium you use, make sure it is done properly. 

Organize your self 

You need to make sure that you set up your study table in a comfortable environment. All your books are bought, your notes are prepared, and pencils sharpened. If you are taking additional help from a tutor, then he or she has been identified. If you plan to study on your own and will be going for online help courses like what tribe topper offers, then you have taken their subscriptions. 

Early in the game, it is difficult to motivate yourself as you want to keep things for the end or delay studying. If you organize your life, room, books, etc., you will be better prepared to tackle things in a better way. 

Know Your Syllabus

We have planned and organized ourselves now, we need to know what we need to study, so you need to have the official syllabus of the subject right in front of you. 

This is a very simple exercise, but the students forget to do it most of the time. They think that we are in a new grade and now all we need to do is go to school and study. You need to realize that there are a lot of learning resources available in the world, and you don’t want to study something which is not part of your syllabus. For e.g. if you have taken an SL course, there is no need to study the HL Syllabus. 

Clear your concepts 

Once we know the syllabus, we need to get our basics right. So you go and make a summary of the key concepts of topics and then work with your teachers to clear your concepts. 

Your success depends on the clarity of these basics. So make a plan and test yourself again and again on the understanding of the core key basic concepts. 

You can make notes per topic and highlight them with a marker to make them easy to recognize and remember. 


Once your concepts are clear, then you need to practice and practice more and more till you become perfect in that particular topic. 

Revision is not easy to do as you can get bored doing the same question repetitively. So you need to have a plan and make your revision fun. You can alternatively select a different type of question and try different methods to solve them. 

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Past Papers 

Past papers are a great resource for practicing various types of questions. Especially if you have the solutions with you, so it is easy to check your answers. Try to get past papers from school libraries or subscribe to online resources. They will also test your caliber and how well prepared you are. We have found that students who do past papers solutions practice do well in their exams. 

Question Banks 

Topic-wise, question banks will help you with revision in the best possible way. You will understand the type of questions you can get and make strategies to tackle them. Once you finish your revision, you can attempt all the questions related to that topic. This way, your core concepts will become stronger. 

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

If you do all the steps mentioned above, then by now, you should know your strengths and weakness in Physics. The topics you find easy and the question types you are most comfortable with. It’s important that you make your strategy based on your strengths and weakness. 

You can create a flow chart and list down all the topics in ascending order and list them difficulty-wise. If you have more time, you can also do the same for the subtopics. In a way, you need to do a SWOT analysis for the subject and tweak or build your staying strategy accordingly. 

Collaborate with Friends 

Studying alone can be boring sometimes. So find a partner, a school buddy or someone in the neighborhood. This will help you to make your studies more interesting, and you can keep a check on each other’s work. It will also help as a motivating factor when the chips are down. 

You can join a discord group or create an online study group, and you can meet via zoom or google meet and study together. If you plan to do this, then I would recommend you keep the group to a max of 5 people. Make sure all your group members are like-minded people, and you guys get along well. Secondly, make sure that the caliber of your group members is the same as of yours. You don’t want a weak group members slowing everyone down. 

Rest & Recreation

When you make your timetable, you need to put aside time for resting and some recreational activities. This will help you remain fresh and motivated for the long haul. 

Take time out for your favorite sports, if you play outdoor sports, then schedule the preparation and cool downtime in your schedule too. 

Try to schedule these activities during your most unproductive hours. For e.g. if you are a morning person who likes to study by getting up early, you need to do your sporting activity in the evening. 

Play some mind games like chess and Sudoku to keep your brain sharp. Some kids like to solve crossword puzzles. 

Finally, listen to some good music, take a walk in the nature, play your favorite sports, hang out with friends and family and Laugh more often. 

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