Top 8 Delicious Indian Fusion Desserts for This Christmas Holidays!

The holiday season is upon us again. In this case, it’s time for the annual Festive Season of Food and Drinks, everyone’s favorite – Christmas. While the holiday season is traditionally associated with food and drink, many of the world’s finest Indian restaurants and foodie hot spots offer something special that isn’t available anywhere else. In this article, I’ll be featuring some of the best desserts with an Indian twist that will leave your sweet-toothed begging for more.

1. Sweet Ravioli with Lacha Rabdi

Yeah…Pasta is one thing everyone loves eating and is also in trend for some years. If I ask you where could I get the best pasta? Everyone will reply with their favorite place but have you ever tried the sweet pasta for dessert? It is the Indian version of Pasta.

Sweet Ravioli is stuffed with paneer and dry fruits, soaked in sugar syrup which is served with the oh so lovely Rabdi. Umm…Isn’t it sounding yummy? Try out this Indian fusion pasta and impress your guests this Christmas!

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2. Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake

When there is a sweet, the cake has to be there. And also with every Indian’s first love – Gulab Jamun. Tada…Drum rolls, please. I know…I know…Your mouth is filled with water.

Gula Jamun Cheesecake is the perfect dessert of this festive season. First, make the original cheesecake and decorate it with some Gulab Jamuns, and don’t forget to sprinkle the saffron here and there to give a traditional Indian touch.

3. Elaichi Caramel Popcorn Cluster

Popcorn and dessert! Sounding super weird, but trust me, you will love this recipe. We have always assumed popcorns as a snack. While watching a movie, it is mandatory to have a bowl of popcorns. Otherwise, the movie night will be incomplete and I totally agree with this.

This Christmas enjoy your movie with this Elaichi Caramel Popcorn. A modern twist to the popcorn with an Indian flavor of cardamom and caramel. All you need to do is stir the bowl, pop the corn and serve hot.

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4. Motichoor Rabdi

Popular Motichoor ladoos are something everyone loves, be it children or the elder ones. Who doesn’t like ladoos? And what to say about Rabdi. One can never deny Rabdi. Try this wonderful fusion of Rabdi and Motichoor Ladoos.

Take a glass, add a layer of Motichoor Ladoos and then add a layer of Rabdi, sprinkle some dry fruits like almonds and cashews and your dessert is good to go! Have a lovely Christmas with this dreamy dessert.

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5. Butterscotch Sheera

The traditional Indian dessert – Sheera is made up of Indian ghee and wheat flour with tons of sugar. Traditionally it was cooked with Jaggery but later on replaced with sugar. It is something you would find on every occasion be it a marriage ceremony or any holy function such as Puja.

One must try this recipe giving some western touch. While making sheera add a drop of butterscotch essence to have butterscotch flavor. Serve it in a bowl and add loads of your favorite dry fruits.

6. Chocolate Gujiya

Gujiya is summer sweet. At every Holi festival, Indian people enjoy having Gujiya with Bhnag and celebrate the festival of color with love and enthusiasm. This year you should try out this Desi version of Gujiya with a Videshi touch.

Gujiyas are sweet dumplings filled with milk solids and dry fruits and rolled in sweet sugar. Serve it on a plate with a dip of chocolate sauce. Try out this beautiful recipe filled with chocolate and so much love. Add sweetness to everyone’s life with these gujiyas!

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7. Kesar Badam Cupcakes with Shrikhand

We don’t need an excuse to eat cupcakes in any shape or form, at any time… Nonetheless, I’m going to give you one amazing recipe. Cupcakes are here to stay, the recipe for Kesar Badam Cupcakes with Shrikhand is so easy, you will bake on every occasion.

Make creamy Shrikhand and add a pinch of saffron to it. Bake your favorite flavored cupcakes and decorate with Shrikhand as icing. Sprinkle some dry fruits and saffron to make oh so lovely cupcakes for your amazing guest and make them feel so sugary!

8. Ravishing Ricotta Rasmalai

This Ricotta cheese Rasmalai is a unique choice based on the shifting states of Global India. Rasamalei is a dessert from the eastern portions of the Indian subcontinent. In Bengali, the dessert is known as rossomalai.

The Rasmalai is prepared with flavored milk, as per the traditional recipe. Malai dumplings, on the other hand, are made by baking ricotta cheese in the oven. Add a dash of rose water to have that authentic taste. Also while serving this, do not forget to decorate it with some fresh rose leaves. This will give you an authentic taste with some foreign twist.


Some Tips for My Lovely Readers:

  • Maintain a straightforward approach. A well-presented, delectable mithai will be far more appreciated than a bewildering selection of options.
  • If properly preserved, most mithai can be prepared a day or two ahead of time. Make the most of that time so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute.
  • Always keep some dried fruits and nuts on hand in your kitchen for emergencies; with these on hand, you can whip up something wonderful on the spur of the moment.
  • Don’t be afraid to think beyond the box. You don’t have to stick to the same flavor combinations all of the time. Do some study to see what works well with what and try something new with your mithai. Desserts with varied mixes of fruits and nuts provide an additional zest.
  • It’s true that a little goes a long way. Maintain minimal portion sizes; individuals may always assist themselves to more if they want.

I hope, you found the article useful! Enjoy Christmas! Have fun!

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