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Why eDelivery is Growing So Fast and How Much Does it Cost To Build a Delivery App

Why do people’s obsession with smartphones increase day by day? Have you ever thought about why it is so? Actually, it’s all about the comfort and ease that people are enjoying by using their smartphones.

In today’s fast-paced life, comfort and ease of service is something that is more important for people over anything else. Startups and well-established business owners are taking advantage of this mindset and have introduced an online delivery concept where products and services are delivered to consumer’s doorstep using a single click.

Companies that are offering comfort and ease in facilitating their products or services have got success in the competitive business market. eDelivery is a vast platform and growing at an unprecedented rate across the globe. People from every age love the doorstep delivery concept, and whether it’s food, grocery, taxi, or an electrician, people are using different eDelivery apps to fulfill their needs.


The above image reflects the advantages of using eDelivery apps as it connects service providers and users through a digital platform and allows business owners to stay ahead in the competitive market.

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The eDelivery Market is Growing So Fast.

The online delivery market is growing by leap and bound each year. Penetration of social media and advanced technology in each business is increasing every day. The online delivery market is contributing a significant percentage of the economy in European and Asian countries.

You may get shocked, but the global online food delivery market is projected to reach $10,196 million by 2021.

Whereas the online home-service and errand market is forecast to grow by $ 1574.86 billion during 2020-2024.

But why is the online delivery market growing so fast? As lifestyle becomes hectic and technology changes and improves, people are seeking instant solutions to fulfill their daily needs. However, smart technology is not the only reason behind the massive growth of the online delivery market; there are many other reasons that come into the picture.

In this blog post, we will explore all of the reasons eDelivery is growing at such an unprecedented rate and what is the cost to develop a delivery app for your enterprise.

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Reason 1: Mobile Adaptivity

With the growing usage of smartphones, everything is going more flexible and convenient than ever envisioned. Today, each user uses mobile phones in order to fulfill their daily tasks. From paying utility bills to ordering food to call an electrician and whatnot. Online delivery companies fill the gap between service providers and users and connect them digitally.

In today’s digital time, where technology is coming up with new features every single day, it has become inevitable for business owners to fulfill user requirements. Whether you are new to the online delivery business or a well-established entrepreneur, having a strong online presence is the key to your business success.

As we stated earlier, the online food ordering industry is skyrocketing, more and more business owners are embracing uber eats clone app solutions for their business because it offers better connectivity to users. Furthermore, users will also get real-time updates, exclusive deals, and the seamless digital ordering experience that has caused exponential growth in the eDelivery market.

Reasons 2: Enhanced User Experience

Enhanced user experience is the core reason behind the massive growth of the online delivery market. Having a user-friendly website or application makes the online ordering process much easier.

Users are usually in search of products that are cost-effective. Moreover, personalization holds a higher position when it comes to delivering improved user experiences. Customers frequently buy new products or services that match their interest and offer comfort.

With a single command, you can order a product or find more information about the company and service provider. This will also help you to make more informed decisions.

Reasons 3: Convenience

The online delivery business promises convenience to users as they can order products from the comfort of their bed. Users can place an order using their computers and smartphone no matter where they are.

Moreover, before placing the order, they can also compare offerings online and read feedback from previous customers. It will help them to order products from the best seller and make informed decisions. This level of convenience makes the online delivery business flourishing worldwide.

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Cost to Build Delivery App For Your Business

The cost is an essential part of making the eDelivery app solution. When we discuss cost, there are several variables that come into account, such as project requirement, designs, the type of business model chosen, development team’s region, testing, and so on. When you are about to develop a fully-featured online delivery app, you also require third-party services such as Google Map integration, Payment Gateways, and much more.

Furthermore, if you are new to the online delivery business and not intend to develop an app from scratch, you can procure white label solutions. It is basically a ready-to-launch app solution that requires less time and can be customized as per your business requirements.

Key Takeaways

In a nutshell, it is clear that the online delivery sector will not face downtime soon. eDelivery companies are going to transform the business world because they reap many competitive advantages in terms of revenue and customer base. The online delivery market keeps evolving with time, the consumer’s choice and shows all signs of continuing to do the same in the upcoming years.

Startups, small business owners, and well-established business owners are adopting digital delivery solutions to reach a large audience through different channels.

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