A complete guide to contactless payments

A complete guide to contactless payments

How do your customers pay for items? If nfc contactless payments aren’t on this list yet, it’s time to add them.

If you have been looking for an answer to the question, “Where can i use contactless payments?” or just want to get as much useful information about these payments as possible, you can do so by reading this article.

  1. What are contactless payments and what are their benefits?

Contactless payments allow you to pay for goods at the point of sale without touching a payment terminal using a credit card or mobile wallet in the customer’s phone.

Regardless of what equipment you are using now to receive payments, you can always add a contactless option to it.

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The covid-19 pandemic has led to the fact that firms, which didn’t provide contactless forms of payment have to constantly clean up their sales terminals, losing potential customers who don’t want to touch the equipment to enter a pin code too many times. That is why one of the main advantages of contactless payments in modern realities is that there is no need to clean credit cards and pos-terminals.

The second advantage is the simplicity and convenience of payment. There is nothing easier than putting a credit card at some distance from the equipment without entering a pin code or touching it. The entire payment process takes no more than a couple of seconds.

The third advantage is the ability to participate in various loyalty programs by paying for purchases using Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay mobile wallets. It is expected that the manufacturers of these mobile wallets in the very near future will add the ability to receive additional rewards and create loyalty programs, and all the bonuses received can be used with a credit or debit card. Also in the near future companies will be able to create individual loyalty programs for their clients, with the help of software developers such as PassSlot and PassKit.

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The next advantage is a higher level of security. It’s no secret that a pin code is not the best way to protect your money. Contactless payments, which offer a new, higher level of data encryption, are here to remedy the situation. Making contactless payments the client can be calm because hackers won’t be able to intercept any of the data, which could allow them to find out the bank details of the client’s account or his card number. Besides, contactless payments are additionally protected by the banks from possible fraud, which means that you will not have to waste your time on filing a complaint about the theft of funds, waiting until it will be considered.

However, the main advantage that many companies value contactless payments for is the high speed of customer service and the high quality of that service. Customers like to shop quickly and securely. Plus, it doesn’t create queues and will allow more customers to be served.

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  1. Ways to make payments contactless

There are only two ways to make contactless payments – via QR code or NFC technology. The near field communication technology NFC is one of the most popular in the territory of the USA. If to speak about North America, it is the leading method of making payments.

To make such payment you will need a card with a special NFC chip. If we talk about payments through mobile devices, they must also support this technology. In this case, the equipment itself also has an NFC chip, and when a device with such a chip is brought close to it, the data is transferred. This technology is reminiscent of something like popular Bluetooth, but the data transfer itself is several times quicker.

To pay by means of QR code the client needs to scan it, involving the camera of smartphone. The link, where the client can go and choose the most suitable method of payment will come to the payment portal. When the transaction is successfully completed, the client will get a notification about it.

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