How to Setup a Strong Home Network

How to Setup a Strong Home Network

Internet speed is the most crucial aspect that no one can avoid. It contributes remarkably to turning a seamless and smooth internet experience into a terrific one. This is something that none of us are dear to adventure.

The primary will of most of us is to set up the speediest internet network at home. We always strive to enjoy a next-level internet experience. This urge has made us find out every possible means to upscale our current internet experience.

For many of you, it sounds quite challenging to shift your current internet connection to something better and beyond. However, if you get the right assistance, you can easily do by following some easiest steps. For those who don’t want to get into a series of actions to achieve the desired internet excellence, it would be convenient to directly switch the existing internet service provider.

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Although, if you don’t want to take risks of changing internet service provider or are loyal to your current ISP you can try a few steps that will help you to easily escalate the speed of your internet connection and its overall performance.

But where will you get those steps? Worry not. We have designed some easy and quick steps for you after doing thorough research work. Want to know those steps? Are you? Keep glued to this article till last so you won’t skip any step. 

Let’s jump into it right away!

Step # 01: Get a Compatible Router

You can start the process by getting a compatible router. Mainly the internet service providers and cable internet service providers also offer routers but just in case if your ISP doesn’t leverage you with such service, you can get it from the market.

However, we would suggest you always do thorough research to get the compatible one from the market. But in either case, you should inquire the ISP about its policy for routers. The router is essential for establishing a robust internet network at home that’s why you should install it along with other fundamentals to have instant internet speed and wide coverage.

We can say that for a seamless experience it is something that won’t spare to avoid. So, be cautious about it.

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Step # 02: Carefully Place the Router

The second step is to find the right place for installing a compatible router. Keep in mind that the placement of a router may also affect the performance and speed of an internet network. Therefore, you should not underestimate the importance of this step while setting up a strong internet network at your home.

Regardless of how much compatible and high-quality router you have got your home if it is in the wrong place, you will never be going to have trouble-free and smooth internet speed. That’s why we recommend you to consider this factor seriously.

Sometimes you keep complaining about the performance of your ISP or cable internet service provider for poor service and quality but the root cause for the dissatisfactory experience is the place or spot where you had placed your router. Therefore, we would advise you to also check out whether your router is in the right place or not, before making further complaints. 

If it is the actual reason for disrupted internet, you should relocate the router inside your house. You can place it anywhere at your home either in the kitchen, TV lounges, living room, or else but make sure that the place is at the center of the house. Because the center of your house would probably be the place that allows signals to move across your space equally. Thus, you will have strong signals at every corner of the house.

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 Step # 03: Change Your Default Settings

The next step is changing of default settings. You must know that a router you get either through your internet service provider, cable internet service provider, or market always bears an SSID (default service set identifier) password and name. Which you need to immediately change once you get your router installed. Further, you must also personalize the settings of your router to prevent various security threats.

Through these actions, you can easily restrict intruders to hack your internet network and can increase the speed of the internet.

Step # 04: Encrypt Your WI-FI Network

You can also improve the speed of the internet through the encryption method. You can simply ask your internet service provider to encrypt the WIFI network and router. Most of the ISPs provide various options but it is highly recommended to only go for the finest security standards. Encryption of WIFI and router is the way to have a fully secured and sound internet network for your home.

Step # 05: Pick the Right ISP

The right product for the right market! Back to square one? Isn’t it? Yes, it is. Because the internet service provider is the key determinant of the quality of internet you would have. Therefore, we would suggest you always do some research work and involve people around you so that you can identify which ISP is doing a great job in your vicinity.

You can check reviews for each of the ISPs that are offering services in your area. Customers’ review is something that can help you in weighing the performance of each ISP. Research is the key to funneling down the best options. So, research, research and research till you find the right ISP to pick.

Step # 06: Optimize Your Printer Settings

The next step is to optimize your wireless printer setting. But why do you need to do it? Well, the answer is very simple, to prevent hackers to get into your system. Wireless printers or WIFI-enabled printers are highly vulnerable because these can access by hackers within zero efforts.

However, through some precautionary measures, it can be avoided. And for that, you need to read and understand the instruction manual provided with every wireless printer. Plus, by timely installing software updates, you can protect your internet network from attacks of intruders and hackers.

Step # 07: Protect Your Smart Appliances

Today many of you like to connect smart devices with your internet network to enjoy the convenience of a smarter home. However, this luxury may bring countless threats to your internet network it does not carefully handle.

To protect your internet network, we would like to advise you to install troublemaker authentications, change default passwords and usernames, and don’t forget to install the latest software updates.

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Step # 08: Utilize a Security Software

To have a strong and secured internet network we would suggest you utilize the option of security software that most of the internet service providers are offering these days. 

Step # 09: Cut off Unused Devices

The quickest step you can take to accelerate the speed of your internet connection is to remove any device from the network that you do not use. Through this step will help you to get better speed and good performance within no time.

Step # 10: Stay Alert!

The last step is to keep updated always and never forget to update your system. No matter how busy your schedule is, try to stay alert so would never face any turbulence at home.

To Conclude

Hopefully, all these ten steps will help you to get a robust internet connection at your home. We have tried to keep these steps as simple as possible be. Thus, even a layman can make full use of it. 

Internet connection has become one of the necessities for all of us. It is as important as having electricity at home. Therefore, you cannot take any risk while setting up your internet network. From picking the right internet service provider to securing your internet network you should not overlook any of the steps if you want to have a perfect and seamless internet network for you and your family.  Best of Luck!

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