Healthy food: expectation vs reality

Small Daily Habits to Improve Your Overall Health

Each of us can improve our health with small, daily changes. One of the challenges to being a bit healthier is that being unhealthy is so easy. Enjoying a salad takes some chopping and mixing; opening a bag of chips is much faster. However, the salad will be much kinder to your whole digestive tract.

Sleep on a Schedule

Get up and go to bed at the same time each day. Often, the time we need to get up is determined by our tasks, so if you’re tired when the alarm goes off, try going to bed earlier.

To better wind down at night, try to leave lights turned off. If you like to read before bed, turn your e-reader screen to a black background with white lettering so you can convince your brain it’s nighttime. For even better results, break away from reading in bed and only use your bed for sleep.

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Boost Supplements When Needed

Depending on your diet, genetics, and current state of health, starting a course of Canada supplements can be a very good idea. For those who live in the north, getting enough Vitamin D can be a serious challenge. For those caring for children, some extra Vitamin C is a good plan.

Each of us needs more calcium as we age, and adding supplements to manage blood sugar levels can greatly improve your energy level throughout the day.


Treat yourself to a new stainless steel water bottle and always have cold water in the refrigerator. If possible, set it at the front of the shelf so it’s the first thing that you see.

For those with a steady snacking habit that can be problematic, try making a deal with yourself. You can go ahead and have some nuts or fruit, but you have to drink 8 ounces of water first. Keep a water cup at your desk so you can always have cold water at hand, and consider keeping Vitamin C mix packets at your desk as well.

Add Something Raw to Your Plate

At each meal, make sure there’s something raw on your plate. Add grapes to your egg and toast platter, or split an apple with a family member. For lunch, consider treating yourself to a child’s meal and getting the fruit portion instead of chips or fries.

Always have a side salad with your dinner, and try to take half your entrée home so your lunch for tomorrow is covered. To keep things simple, consider chopping up veggies on the weekend or getting bagged salads you can put together quickly when you get home.

To that end, do some meal planning on the weekend. Make-ahead casseroles are nearly always more healthy than convenience meals from the grocery freezer. Fix up a pot of chili and freeze it in individual containers. Buy fresh fruit and fix a simple salad on the weekend so you can have a naturally sweet treat instead of a candy bar from the machine at work.

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Walk a Bit Further

Unless the weather is awful, park in the hinterlands when running errands. Take the time to stretch your legs as you walk into your grocery store or other shopping destination. Focus on your stride as you roll from heel to toe, stretching your calves and tightening your buttocks as you lengthen your stride.

Once inside the store, get a basket unless you’re volume shopping. Not only will this give you a bit of an arm workout, but you can protect your budget by only buying what you need.

Use a Little Self-Talk

Before you make a choice that you know you’ll be disappointed in, simply ask yourself:

“Will I be proud of this tomorrow?” If not, don’t buy the candy bar. For those who can easily avoid sweets, use this question to help you avoid that afternoon bag of chips. When you get through a week of making those good decisions, treat yourself to fresh flowers or a plant for your desk.

You can use self-talk to get out and exercise early in the morning as well. When putting on your sneakers, remind yourself how nice it will be to not have to worry about getting in a workout; you took care of that already!

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