Canada Need More Immigrants

Why Does Canada Need More Immigrants?

Canadian immigration is one of the best in the world as it is full of employment opportunities along with personal growth and quality of life. Over the past decade or so, it has emerged as a land of opportunities for people who are looking for a better quality of life and money. Moreover, the Canadian economy is extremely prosperous with the government in full swing to make sure it is among the top 10 economies in the world.

Immigration is always a sensitive topic for most nations and more so when we are in the middle of a pandemic. The Canadian govt thinks that their rate of immigration is higher than other countries but it is at an acceptable rate according to the govt and the citizens of Canada. In 2020, Canada invited around 300,000 immigrants which are slated to increase to 350,000 in 2021. According to some of the Canada work visa consultants in Dubai, there has been a huge increase in Canadian PR applications from expats and citizens in the UAE.

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Let us try to understand why Canada needs more immigrants

Gives a boost to the Economy

The Canadian economy is greatly influenced by their labour force and their tax payments. If there are more immigrants in the country, it builds a stronger workforce and hence brings in more revenue through taxes for the government. This is even more crucial when the Canadian population is getting older, near their retirement and does not have as many children as before. Due to this reason, Canada was facing an issue when they had to close their borders and temporarily halt the express entry program for a few months. After that, for the next few months, Canadian immigration was inviting only the candidates currently in Canada to apply for a PR.

The top professions invited to migrate to Canada under the “Express Entry Program” are IT engineers, designers, IT analysts, accountants and marketing & PR professionals. If you are working in one of these sectors, you can consult some of the best PR consultant for Canada in Dubai and check your Express Entry score.

Help Improve Health & Social Services

Most immigrants entering Canada are in their prime years and as a non-citizen, pay for their healthcare which can be then used to fund the free healthcare for all Canadian citizens. According to a report, immigrants are more wary of their health so as to not fall critically ill in a foreign country in their formative years as it can be detrimental to their growth. Due to this reason, Canada as a nation enjoys the “healthy immigrant” effect. If you are a healthy working professional with work experience, then you must get in touch with a Canada PR consultant in Dubai to get your assessment.

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Immigrants Integrate with the Canadian Population

More than 30% of the immigrants in Canada have volunteered and more than two-thirds are a formidable part of social groups. It is believed that when the immigrants are so involved with their new home, they want to contribute more to society and be responsible citizens. Due to this, they take part in religious endeavors and NGOs to help and support the less privileged. Having said that, the crime rate is lowest amongst immigrants and it helps the government build a safe community for its citizens. Canadian immigration ensures that a thorough police check is done on all immigrants coming to the country and hence people with a clean record can only enter the country. So, if you have been living a peaceful life in UAE, contact a professional agency to get your Canada work permit from Abu Dhabi.

Immigrants Spend on Education

The fastest and the easiest way to migrate to Canada is through an international student visa. Canada has a vast number of universities specialising in various fields and many universities feature in the top 20 or top 50 universities in the world. As an international student, immigrants have to pay more than a local student and that money is again used for the development of the country. If you are a student in the UAE and are looking for higher education opportunities, then you should contact a Canada visa consultant in Dubai now.

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Looking at the above points, it is evident why Canada needs more able immigrants to boost their economy and it can be a win-win situation for both the government and the immigrants. As an international student or a Canadian PR holder, you are eligible to work full time in the country and apply for citizenship after spending a few years in Canada. So, if you are looking to migrate as a student or get your Canada PR from Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you must contact an experienced consultancy firm to fast track your Canadian dream.

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