The IB Physics Secret Treasure – Question Bank

The IB Physics Secret Treasure – Question Bank

IB Physics is one of the toughest subjects in the IB Curriculum, to master IB physics you need to really master the topic-wise question banks. I have listed down some ways to do the same.

1. Holistic preparation

Question Bank is a compilation of various ranges of questions from past year’s papers. Furthermore, it also includes essential questions on every topic. It provides a variety of questions covering the whole syllabus. It helps to practice questions from only one resource rather than searching for several resources.

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2. Brief on topics

 Question Bank usually has a brief about each and every topic. It highlights all the significant concepts and terminologies. This helps very much while revising before exams. These are usually planned and organized forms of papers and topics which cover the entire syllabus.

3. New methodologies

 Question Bank incorporates the very newest learning methodologies which are easy to understand. Such as mnemonics and mind maps, leaving traditional learning methods and including innovative ways. For example, grouping important formulas from the particular topic and writing them inside a highlighted box, so that you won’t miss reading those while learning or revising the topic

4. Different typologies

 Question Bank pools different types of questions, and looking at those makes you familiar with the different versions of questions. Working on these questions prepares you for your final question paper, which can include every possible form of a question.

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5. Review your learning

 Questions are the best way to check on the concept you learned. You can take different sets of paper and different types of questions provided and try to solve those. Question reviews your learning and helps in pointing out your weak areas where you need to practice more and strengthen your concepts.

6. Sums up the whole syllabus

 Question Bank includes every topic in the syllabus in a very precise and organized manner, in the form of bulleted points. It basically, briefs up every single topic in every chapter and gives you a variety of questions and quizzes to practice with.

7. Keeps you updated

 Question Banks are prepared with the latest pattern and set of questions that are currently pursued by IB boards. A practice set is a golden ticket to a good score but if you are not updated with the current pattern your efforts must go in vain.

8. Strategy

 Keep this in mind while solving past year questions, that you follow the same ethic that you would be following while writing the actual exam. You must follow the time restraint and must not seek any kind of help and avoid looking through notes or any kind of cheating material. This will help you prepare for the final exam, and build up your time management skills, endurance, and concentration.

9. Enhance the teaching-learning procedure

 Question Banks not only help students to review their learnings but also it helps teachers in their teaching process. It provides various methodologies, which teachers can incorporate during their lectures, it includes a variety of questions, which might help teachers to form various class quizzes for students, and it facilitates summarization on different topics with highlighted points, which can help teachers to prepare class notes and presentations.

10. An ultimate guide

 Question Banks are valid, balanced, and reliable resources. They use various methods for testing and also test your skills and presence of mind. This set of guides groups similar levels of questions together as per their difficulty level which helps in identifying the various range of questions and this can endorse you with a set of skills to evaluate your level.

This in sense, can be proved as an effective tool for classroom teaching and creates a better learning process. Question Bank can help teachers with quick revisions, preparing pre-exam tests, and assessment tests. It can also provide students with final revision just before exams.

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