Which mattress is best: soft or firm?

Sleep, a common factor of every living being’s life, is essential in accordance with physical, emotional, and mental health. Everyone strives to locate a cozy spot to lay down in order to fall asleep deeply, even though each living thing has different sleep needs. Some animals find this pleasure on hard flooring in caves, while others find it on mushy, soft grass, and some even find it when standing up. To spend those blissful moments of our lives, though, humans manufactured some opulent material known as mattresses.

However, we often face difficulty identifying our needs, and choosing a mattress can occasionally become challenging and perplexing. Everyone should get eight hours of sleep every night, allowing them to wake up feeling rested and pain-free. Furthermore, mattresses are essential for maintaining the painless and deep sleep we all desire. Therefore, you must get a mattress that allows for your body’s movements, postures, and sleeping positions.

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Depending on our bodies, sleeping positions, sleep patterns, and other considerations, every one of us as distinct individuals has different mattress firmness needs. 

We invest a considerable amount in mattresses and tend to use them for longer. Therefore it is feasible if we spent some time searching for our kind of mattress rather than jumping on the first we lay our hand on.

Here is the ultimate guide on soft vs. firm mattresses to assist you in making your decision.

The criteria for the ideal mattress for you

Every individual has their preferences when it comes to the firmness of mattresses. While some want extra soft, some find their comfort on extra firm mattresses, and some want the best of both worlds. 

The important factor you must consider while buying a mattress is the one that gives excellent support to your spine as it is very important to maintain body posture correctly and healthily. Any injury to the spine may lead to other difficulties, and to avoid that, using the correct mattress is important. It depends on which mattress suits you better on various points.

To make sure the suitability of the mattress for you, the points that should consider are:

  • Comfort preferences: 

As comfort is very subjective, it becomes difficult for everyone to find it in the same product. Thus, determining our comfort level is a must, and you can consider it on your experience with your current mattress.

  • Body weight: 

People also find their comfort level based on weight and size. Many heavyweight individuals find it hard to sleep on a soft mattress since it sinks too much under their weight, while lightweight people feel uncomfortable on a firm mattress. 

  • Body heat: 

Sleep is associated with cooler body temperature, and high or hotter body temperature disturbs your sleep significantly. The mattress we use often impacts our body heat, and it’s necessary to find one which helps you regulate your body temperature at the required level to have a comfortable sleep.

  • Sleep positions: 

Every individual sleeps in a different position suitable for them. Some find their comfort on the back or the stomach, and some on their side or love to keep changing their position all the time. Thus, finding a mattress that suits your sleeping position is mandatory. As for back sleepers, a firm mattress is beneficial to support the spine, while a soft mattress is comfortable for side sleepers. 

  • Sleeping alone or with a partner:

Sleeping alone or with a partner is another factor, whether you sleep alone or with a partner. It becomes uncomfortable when you find continuous movement around you while sleeping. In that case, when firm mattresses make you feel every movement around you, soft mattresses help you feel no or slight movements.

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What distinguishes a firm mattress from a soft one?

The difference between a firm or soft mattress is determined by its feel and compression. Mattresses are generally made of different materials, and their firmness is measured on a scale of 1 to 10. 

Many mattress brands in India consider any mattress above 7.5 to be firm, while one that measures between 6.5 to 7.5 is considered a medium-firm mattress, and below 6.5 inclines towards softness. 

Nowadays, individuals prefer to buy matters where they cannot physically feel the hardness of the mattress. 

Thus, buying both mattresses have there own pros and cons. However, since we spend a lot of Money, it is our obligation to consider everything before buying what’s right for us.

Firm mattresses

Firm mattresses are always a good choice for many people; however, just like any other mattress, these have their advantages and drawbacks.

Advantages of Firm mattress

Several benefits of firm mattresses

  • Enables back and stomach sleepers to have their bodies in the ideal alignment.
  • Enhances oxygen intake and promotes breathing,
  • keeps you on top of the mattress, which preserves body heat.
  • Ideal for those who struggle to move their bodies

Drawbacks of firm mattress

Just like benefits, firm mattresses have drawbacks like:

  • Not ideal for people who sustain chronic muscle and joint pain as they find it difficult to sleep
  • Increases lower back pain due to less gentle support
  • Not feasible for lightweight sleepers as it lacks enough support for major joints
  • Inconvenient for side sleepers as it fails to sink at proper curves
  • Uncomfortable for people to sleep with their partners as the movement of others creates disturbances

For whom

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The firm mattress is better for people who are

  • Heavyweight sleepers, like their weight, need more firm support to hold their bodies on the mattress for better movement and avoid being sunken into it.
  • Back sleepers or stomach sleepers find themselves comfortable on firm mattresses as it supports the spine and maintains body posture.
  • For people who easily sweat, a firm mattress helps them stay above the surface and maintain air circulation keeping their body temperature cooler.

Soft mattress

People always find a softer mattress to feel extra comfortable and luxurious. However, these mattresses have certain pros and cons, making them inconvenient for some.

Advantages of soft mattress

Advantages of Soft mattresses include

  • Ideal for lightweight sleepers as it allows them to have enough support for their body with enough pressure
  • Perfect for a side sleeper as it provides necessary relief for shoulders, head, and hips
  • Ideal for people who sustain chronic muscle and joint pain by supporting body curvature by maintaining enough pressure 
  • Ideal for people sleeping with partners as it provides motion isolation

Drawbacks of soft mattress

 The drawbacks of soft mattresses are:

  • Less support to the spine can result in body alignment
  • Not feasible for people with back or joint pain
  • Not ideal for back or stomach sleepers
  • Mattress can create body heat resulting in uncomfortable sleep
  • Uncomfortable for changing positions during sleep

For whom

A soft mattress is ideal for those who are

  • Side sleepers as it helps your body curvature by supporting shoulders, hips, and neck
  • Light weight sleepers as their weight do not sink as much as heavyweight sleepers, allowing them enough support for body alignment.
  • Ideal for people with shoulder and hip joint pain

In the end, you should not just consider your wants but needs as well, and with some research, it’s not difficult to get the best mattress online or offline for your much-deserved sleep. 

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